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Copy Writing - News Writing 
I'm an award-winning writer with proven adaptability and experience. I'm skilled at hard news, features, ad copy and Web copy.


I can wear several hats. I currently own a "hyperlocal" online news site called  In the past, while writing columns about the outdoors for The Star-Ledger, New Jersey's largest newspaper, I also freelanced for other clients. I wrote news stories about interactive marketing, retail technology and consumer electronics.


At the same time, I created marketing copy, including Web content, for several public relations/ad agencies whose clients included BMW, Samsung and Sun Microsystems.


I quickly learn new material, adopt appropriate writing styles, cooperate with artists, nurture sources and meet deadlines.


"Fred is a seasoned and very versatile writer, and his participation on creative teams or projects is extremely valuable.


He's easy to work with and is very prompt and efficient in delivering on his commitments."


Beth Fox

Branding and communications at Groupware Technology


"I worked with Fred at two publications in New Jersey, one early in his career, and he was a pro from the start.


I've always been impressed by his quiet yet confident demeanor and his tenacity when he got his teeth into a story. And he had a knack for finding those stories, never one of those staffers that needed to be led to news and then be nudged along.


He was everything a good reporter should be -- reliable, quick, accurate and trustworthy -- and was"old school" in his ability to develop a beat and cultivate sources. 

And he was adaptable, always moving forward and taking changes in stride. I think that part of his personality makes him particularly valuable because he can take the skills developed over a career and translate them to valuable tool in any job."


Chuck Jackson

Former copy editor at The International Herald Tribune


"Without question, Fred is one of the most talented and creative journalists I've ever known.


His talent as a writer is stunning in that he could take the most complex, boring and mundane set of information and truly make it compelling and often even fun to read. 


Typically, most of the top journalists I've worked with are either primarily writers who can also report OR they're primarily reporters who also can write.


Fred is that extremely rare animal who is both. As strong a writer and columnist as he is, his creativity, persistence and drive has allowed him to break more stories than I can recall.

One other thing that must be said about Fred. He's also an unusually honest, modest and integrity-laden person. These days, that's probably the most refreshing aspect of Fred."


Evan Schuman

Editor at

"Fred is extraordinary in many ways. He is undoubtedly the best writer I know.


He makes the mundane look sublime and can produce work faster than anyone I know."


Patricia Paugh

Former Star-Ledger reporter

"There is no option in Linked in recommendations for "working with a writer on an article" but, that is what I did with Fred.


His interest in our issues - New Jersey Wildlife - was gratifying but his professionalism and ability to synthesize a complex story was very important to us. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking professional, accessible, interesting stories."


Margaret O'Gorman

President of Wildlife Habitat Council

"Fred is a multi-faceted writer who writes evocatively (and often with a deft, self-effacing tone) about his passions, such as the outdoors, his eclectic taste in motorcycles, or the never-finished restoration of his old Victorian.


But he can also handle complex and serious topics with equal skill.


Besides that, he also happens to be a fine guy to work with."


Lance Oliver

Freelance writer, editor and translator

"Fred is a thorough, competitive, detail-oriented professional who is capable of quickly gathering facts and cogently explaining their meaning. He is adept at handling himself in tense situations and has a calm demeanor under deadline pressure."


Oliver Mackson

Investigator for Duchess County Public Defender's Office
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